eCommerce Promotion Ideas Here Are 30 NEW Research Proven Ways To Promote Your Store Product And Make 100,000 Sales Per Week

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Are you an online business owner? Do you want to know the BEST way to promote your online eCommerce Store? Do you a strategy that works like magic and which will Skyrocket your sales? Hmm… Even if you want more congratulations in this post I give all you need to know, happy reading 📖.

Have you done your best to get more sales from your online store? If your ultimate goal is steady profits throughout the year (and who wouldn’t?) then you need to do more than just tweet here and there.

You need constant work and nurturing if you want repeat customers, and that includes a willingness to try new tactics, some of which are even outside your comfort zone.

Below are 30 simple but effective ways to promote your online store in various ways. You won’t know what’s right for you until you try it, and as with physical locations, customers won’t show up if they don’t know you’re there.

Let’s get started!

  1. Make regular offers
    Most online marketplaces allow you to make sales and/or use promotional codes to help shoppers.

Remember to do this regularly. From using Christmas shopping (55% off Father’s Day, 31% off Halloween, 50% off certain items on Black Friday, etc.) you have regular web traffic.

Bonus Tips :- To your customers / clients it makes you sound dynamic, futuristic and someone that follows the trend and so they are always happy to give you a check-back and definitely buy from you.

2. Use email marketing to remind customers to buy
The first time you open your web store, you will want to send an email announcing it in your database. Make sure there is a link to your store directly from the email.

Once you’ve done that, send out a weekly newsletter (if possible) highlighting your products with great images and engaging but concise content that links directly to each product for easy purchase.

For sales, don’t forget to email and promote them so customers can take advantage of your amazing prices right away. MailChimp is a free and easy-to-use option for small business owners.
Some online marketplaces advertise their seller’s products on their large buyer databases and through email marketing.

And while your product inclusion isn’t guaranteed, you can increase your chances by taking great photos of your products and writing perfectly descriptive product descriptions.

Bonus Tips :- Some might argue that email marketing is no more working, the truth is that email marketing is very active and effective, the only clause is that follow the rules of game of email marketing such as:- Send short and meaningful mails, make the story line interesting and click-worthy, don’t use it purposely for DIRECT selling (client hate to be sold) so instead of selling makes it either educational, informative, entertaining or case study, avoid over-use of it send it out periodically, don’t stop acquiring new leads)/email

3. Start a blog

More than a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your industry, a blog is also an indirect way to promote your online store.

Include an appropriate link to your store in every blog post (either a link to your store homepage or a direct link to a product) and ensure that each blog is informative and useful. (Be sure to link all images to your web store or specific products!)
If the content isn’t strong, it won’t help you. High quality blog posts will help you grow your online business. So if you have the time, this is a good project to invest in.

Bonus Tips :-when it comes to online marketing and promotions having a blog is huge step in the right direction because apart from the fact that you will get exposure online it helps to connect with more customers, and ultimately gaining visibility in Google

4. Network with bloggers about your product
Do an online search of every industry your product is in. (For example, if you make candles, you can search for lifestyle bloggers and/or bloggers who write about homemade items) and then connect with those with the most followers.

E-commerce promotion techniques

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Pay attention to how many comments they receive and how many follow them on their social media accounts to gauge their popularity.
When you contact them, tell them why you like their blog (be specific), then briefly explain why you think your product is a good fit for their blog.

Give a free sample of your product and, if you can afford it, offer to provide another sample as a gift. You get reviews, readers get free products, and you get invaluable promotions directly to your target audience.

Bonus Tips :-Do you hear what someone says, it says “your NETWORK is your NET WORTH” by simply translating it to online atmosphere, getting more network and connections among fellow bloggers helps you to expand your reach in digital world and thereby increasing your digital net worth.

5. Start a guest blog

Guest blogs can be a great way to reach a larger audience you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Find out who the top bloggers in your industry are (see above), read their posts to see what topics they usually write about, then contact them about guest blogging options.

Most bloggers allow you to have at least one link to your store on your resume, but you may be able to include one link to your content.

Bonus Tips :-Guest blogging is what I called the short-cut method because its like squeezing your way to success, because guest posting is like you are making a huge leap in your way to success in the digital marketing, just like standing at the shoulder of the giant.

  1. Offer video tutorials / behind the scenes People love good videos – they’re easy to share and can add depth and clarity to your product and help them gain popularity in your target market.

For example, if you sell bandages for babies, show parents how their babies can wear them. If there’s only one way, just show a video of an adorable baby wearing your headband.
If you sell dog treats, why not try a little behind the scenes as you bake them?
If you make your clothes, model kits, fashion shows, sewing, etc.
When you’re done, share this video on YouTube (create your own account for your business) and other social media you visit.

Now that Facebook Live is popular, you can also consider live product demonstrations or behind-the-scenes fun.

Bonus Tips :- creating a video or info graphic around your niche might be simple thing but goes a long way in telling your client that you are an authority in your field, that you are well-to-do and instil in them that you have what it takes to solve their problem so they will free-handedly give you a listening ears and do whatever you want them to do

7. Branch with social media

Social media is very important if you want to promote your online store effectively. But like anything, it takes effort and time to build a following.

Depending on what you have time to do (or if you can delegate tasks to someone else to help you), some sites you should check out to market your business: (And keep trying new sites to see what your job is best for. .)

StumbleUpon (Mixed)
We love it

Bonus Tips :- social media is now the world market of our time. People goes to social media to meet families, friends and co-workers before but now the game has changed, now its been use as brand awareness arena and where millions of sales deals are closed every seconds. With the number of people using it on a daily basis, if your business is not there you are really missing out. Get social, engage with clients and prospects on social media, if you don’t know how to do it get a help from expert, pay for their services and believe me you will make ten times the amount you put into it

8. Tag products on social media
For social media marketing to work, you need to post regularly. For most companies, this will be at least once a day, if not 2-3 times depending on how many followers you have.

Post tantalizing photos of the products you offer, as well as all the offers you make. Always add direct links to individual products for quick purchases in your online store.

Ask your followers to post photos of them wearing your products or using them at home, depending on what you’re selling to build engagement and increase your online reach. Using a planning tool like Hootsuite can help make social media more manageable for you.

Bonus Tips ::- why do you need to do the above? The reason is simple, remember the law of relativity, human like to feel among, if your current client showcase your product on them, other onlookers clients too ll want to feel among because no one love been left behind, so try it because it works

  1. 9. Run a competition on social media
    Contests are a great way to spread the word about your offerings, drive traffic to your store, and increase your social media following.

Some websites have specific rules for running competitions, such as: Facebook. So find out about this before the competition starts.

Offer one of your products as a gift (or combine several products into a gift package) and then announce the contest on all the social websites you use.

Post handouts regularly to encourage signups (use the email address you received to build your email database), then ask winners to post their photo on your prize page after submitting it, publish it.

Say something like “Check out (insert url) for other great products like this” to encourage viewers to see what else you have to offer.

  1. 10. Try paid advertising on social media

Pages like Facebook and Twitter (and now Pinterest!) offer the opportunity to target the right users with paid advertising. If you’re trying to do this on Facebook, we recommend choosing a metric like “Website Clicks” or “Website Conversions” because you want people to click on your online store URL rather than your fan page.

On Twitter, you can try using Sponsored Tweets to sell your store. Be sure to add concise but engaging content to the URL to drive traffic.

For example, if you’re making clothes, your favorite tweet might look something like, “What’s the hottest #fashion trend for summer? Find out more here: (insert short URL). “

Bonus Tips ::- have ever hear the saying that, ‘it takes money to make SERIOUS /MORE money, and it takes just panic(unwilling to take risk) to remain poor) maybe you are just like me, I have never believed in PAID ADS in the past, but because I love beehiven practical In whatever am doing, so until I give it a trial then I know that it really really works. The principle is simple, it’s just, you are giving Facebook or Google money to look for clients on your behalf and which they must not do. Planning paid Ads expenses in your business plan set up is a part of wisdom (if I may say it). But if you don’t know how to do it get you can hire an expert to help you out, but it worth implementing in your marketing strategy.

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11. Include store URL in your signature email
It’s quick and easy. Regardless of which email provider you use, you’ll need a personalized email signature that includes your store’s URL. WiseStamp makes it easy and free to use at a basic level.

  1. 12. Print your store URL in all marketing materials
    From business cards to flyers and everything in between, your URL should be included everywhere you advertise your business. Never leave home without something to share with prospects with your URL.
  2. BONUS Tips (11, 13 & 14):-doing so help to instil your brand in the heart of your client 13. Wrap your car with your shop url If you want your car to be an engine for ongoing advertising, pack it in with your shop URL and an image or slogan that will entice passers-by to pick up their phones and search for your shop. 14. Print your URL on the shopping bag
  3. If you have a physical location, print your store url on your shopping bag. As long as customers carry bags, your business will get great advertising.

Better yet, if you’re on a budget, grab some reusable grocery bags with your company name, logo and store URL printed on them and give them to customers who spend “X”. You can also do the same with online orders by including them in the package.Share magnets with every purchase
Include a free magnet (which of course contains your store’s URL) with every purchase, either in person or online. Existing customers don’t forget where they bought something and can easily recommend you to their friends.

Bonus Tips ::- this will help your brand to travel wide and near OFFLINE. So that people at the most remote area will get to know your brand, Product or services.

15. Use a counter card when paying

Place the card counter right next to the cash register so customers can pick it up. Consider adding a coupon or discount code for online shoppers and directing them to your store url.

16. Use window mounts wherever you can
Window handles are an easy way to promote your online store. You can place one on the door of your physical location and in a variety of other locations in the store and on your car window.

You can even ask friends, family, and co-workers who are willing to do the same. As usual, enter your store URL.

17. Use window mounts wherever you can
Window handles are an easy way to promote your online store. You can place one on the door of your physical location and in a variety of other locations in the store and on your car window.

You can even ask friends, family, and co-workers who are willing to do the same. As usual, enter your store URL.

18. Work with other local business owners
Who are other local business owners in your area? If you don’t know them yet, be sure to introduce yourself. Talk to them and see if they are willing to display a flyer or counter for your business in their store and do the same for them.

If you’re online only, see if companies selling their products at local events, farmers markets, and festivals allow you to have flyers on your desk. Do the same for them again wherever you sell.

Bonus Tips ::- just I have started here earlier that, ‘your network is your NET WORTH’ when you think of gaining more business momentum try to connect with local business owners while doing the same thing for biz partners in diaspora

19. Try direct mail
Just because you want to promote your online business rather than your physical location doesn’t mean you can’t use direct marketing to your advantage.

The key here is to include deep discounts, descriptive content and your online store url to get shoppers to visit your website. Research postal coupons and local newspapers in your area for good advertising spots.

Bonus Tips -:- while using direct mail, ensuring that its well utilise, follow the following rule of game :post in considerable intervals. Avoid too long emails. Select quality stuff over multiple garbage. Try episodic posts to keep your readers in anticipation for more. Ensure that you are an authority in your field. Ensure a catchy taglines. Post only engaging stuffs avoid too much email spamming

20. Look for ads in shopping cart
Depending on how well your target audience understands, you may have a QR-targeted ad that directs grocery shoppers directly to your store URL after scanning.

This will be a quick and easy way for them to buy your products online. You can also create a simple ad instead if it doesn’t work for your target market (including your URL).

21. Put the coupon in the package

Whenever you order online, be sure to include a coupon in the package to encourage users to shop again.

Print your URL on the coupon for customer convenience. You should always include one or two of your business cards with every order. Update your messages on hold
Update your hold message so users know they can now buy your product online. Enter URLs slowly and write down words that are not easy to understand so that callers not only have time to write down your URL but also correct it the first time.

Engage your employees
Have your employees wear buttons and/or T-shirts that say “Buy us online at (insert url here)” at brick and mortar changes, if applicable, and/or at local events in which you participate.

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22. Optimize your product name and description

Creativity has its place – but it’s not in the name of your product. You need to be clear and specific about the product name or customers won’t be able to find your product if they search for exactly what you’re selling.

For example, if you sell scarves, don’t name your product “black”, “neon”, “lace”, “princess” or “lady”, right? Because you have missed the most important detail – the scarf.

In your product name, you can describe exactly what your product is so that customers can find your item:

Black scarf – light and modern
Scarf in dark color
Neon pink lace scarf with white dots
Blanket scarf with plaid pattern
red bandana
Black and white scarf for infinity
Black scarf with ladybug pattern
Use keywords in your product name and description to help search engines find your store. To research the best keywords for each of your products, you can use Keyword Planner, available free of charge through AdWords.

Of course, use these keywords in each of your product descriptions, otherwise potential customers will be excluded. Use only one keyword for product description/name.

PS The place to be a little more creative and descriptive is in your product descriptions.

  1. 23. Optimize your photos
    Give your photos a good name so search engines can find you. (Example: green-womens-shirt.jpg instead of 3929s.jpg) This allows you to reach more users looking for products like yours. 24. Add your products to Google Shopping

Google Retail lets you add a product feed to their website so shoppers can more easily find your store online.

You can contact your marketplace directly or browse the vendor benefits list on their website to see if this service is included in your virtual store.Try pay per click ads
Paid search campaigns (such as pay-per-click advertising) on ​​search engines like Google or Bing can be a great way to increase traffic and conversions for your business, but be aware that they will consume your budget fairly quickly.

Join a local association
Local associations have a large following and, among many other benefits, joining a few in your area means your business will be listed in their online directory. This can help increase traffic to your website.

25. Sponsoring local events
Sponsoring a local event in your area will help you promote your business, usually through a link on the event page and sometimes through social media posts and other marketing materials. Don’t forget to include your URL.

You can also ask if you can put one of your flyers (with your url) in a bag or gift.

26. Get customers to rate you
Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool. Review sites like Yelp, Google Local, and Yahoo Local are very popular with users, and you should try to get your business to get as many reviews as possible.

27. When a customer makes a purchase, send a follow-up email asking them to review their experience with you on the “x” website you chose.

Don’t bribe them with free articles for positive reviews; Instead, focus on great customer service and fast delivery, and let your business reputation build organically.

27. Run a referral program

What better way to increase your online traffic than offering existing customers discounts or free products to target their friends?

Whether it’s a $15 loan when a friend makes their first purchase of $50 or more, or just a free item under $10 when their friend makes a $25 Dollar purchase. Doing the Referral Program can do wonders in attracting new users to buy from your website.Update your closed tag
If you have a physical location, be sure to update the “Closing Alert” to say something like “We are closed but shop online now at (insert url)” to drive more sales on your site.

28. Commenting on forums/groups
Look for forums related to what you sell to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Select a forum where you can have a custom signature below with a linkable URL and/or username. Be sure to choose a username that sets you apart from others. For example, “ICreateBeautifulThings” or “SassyJewelryMaker” are better than “Shannon543267”.

Answer questions on forums without publicly advertising what you want to sell – people will naturally start clicking on your site over time.

As you continue to add value to the forum, you become part of the community there, which makes other users believe and value what you have to say, and most importantly, want to know what you are selling. You can also do this by searching for relevant groups on LinkedIn and Google+.

29. Subscribe to the blog
Subscribe to small business and marketing blogs focused on ecommerce sellers for constant ideas on how to promote your online store.

Having tips sent straight to your inbox every day can help you learn new ways to help your business become more visible and profitable.

30. Set a routine
Here he is! 34 ways customers can shop at your online store all year round. Whether in the morning over coffee or “long term” at your location, routines help you market your business more clearly and effectively for you.

If you’re not doing your best to promote your online store, who will? You can’t complain about low sales if you don’t work behind your back to make your business a success.

If time is an issue for you, pick one or two of these ideas at a time and spend 10-30 minutes a day working on them. Lots of luck!

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