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Which you can also call ‘Web Consult’ is a fast growing web optimization firm located in Nigeria and which has a numbers of successfully satisfying clients from almost every countries of the world. KayTop Web Optimization Consultant is a firm that specializes in web based services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Graphics Designs and also a ‘TRUSTED’ web optimization consultant. It has able to serve clients (in various level of web optimization services) from about 182 countries, attending to needs of individual, companies, partnership business, entrepreneurs’, webpreneurs, and government agencies etc, in various web optimization and web marketing capacities. For which it has earned a hand-full accolades for an excellent job performance.

Our Vision

  • To ensure that each and every website are fully integrated legally and legitimately to search engine so as to gain the ideal recons from these web authorities
  • To ensure websites get their share from the huge google marketing advantage
  • To ensure that, while trying to achieve the above claims, right and ideal methods are used so as to avoid been penalized
  • To fill the gap of quality google recommended practices which is virtually going into extinction
  • To ensure each and every web owners have better experience about digital and web-based/online marketing/promotion.


  • Providing (at a non-negotiable cost and method) the best optimization services to the determined, willing and ready clients at all time
  • Making sure that each website are fully optimized, positioned and strategically configured so as to gain the desired web exposure and correct marketing and promotions.
  • The use of legitimate, white-hat and google-safe techniques are used during on-page and off-page SEO delivery
  • Delivering the topmost quality services that meet the best and updated google algorithm practices for best turn-around and highest ROI on every penny spent on SEO and web optimization services
  • We ensure that we stand in, for all prospective client’s website so as to have the best coverage in digital marketing, effectively, conveniently, and at a cost-effective rates

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